If you have a tattoo, you can attest to the excitement and joy you had after you had it. But did you know that a tattoo can cause problems especially in your line of duty if it is too much? Now you know. You might not be able to get some jobs and people will give you funny glances and stares in social gatherings. Some people still have the notion that tattoos are for the don’t cares and people with it are rebellious. Research proves that a large percentage of the society is still not okay with tattoos. If you are in such a society or with such a job, consider temporary tattoo cover up. You can cover it with makeup with less effort. Some people will advise you to go for tattoo removal, but hey, it is very expensive. Hiding a tattoo is doable using makeup when the need arises. Read on to see some of the scenarios where you might consider tattoo cover-up.

Scenarios you will need to cover up your tattoo with makeup


tattooed ladyIf you are about to marry and with a loud tattoo, you might steal the show, but not in a good way. It will be worse if your gown is sleeveless. With a tattoo, the crowd’s concentration will be stolen. It should be about you walking down the aisle, but people will start seeing other things. A tattoo should not make you compromise your dress, cover it flawlessly with makeup and shift all concentration to you, the bride.

Employment as stewardess

You will not get a job with the airline if you have a visible tattoo. You will be asked if you have a tattoo during the job interview. This is because passengers from different walks of life have different perceptions about tattoos. If you aspire to work as a cabin crew, cover up your tattoo before going for the interviews and let it be known to you that it should remain covered as long as you are working.

Government workers

Tattooed government workers are less than 8%. This tells it all about the stigma tattoos brings in government workplaces. If you are seeking employment in the government, consider covering up your tattoo.

Law enforcement and cops

tattooed manCops are known to be conservative. Many applicants lose the job because of what they call the first impression. Believe you me; you are likely to lose the job if you appear with a huge tattoo on your neck or arms.